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Presentation Of Shareholders


Website : www.fmo.nl

FMO (Dutch Development Finance Company) was founded by the Dutch government and business community in 1970. The Dutch State holds 51% of its shares whilst the large Dutch banks retain 42%. The remaining 7% is held by employers’ associations and trade unions and some 100 Dutch companies and private investors.

FMO supports the private sector in developing countries and emerging markets in Asia, Latin America, Africa, and Central & Eastern Europe. This is done with loans, equity participations, guarantees and other investment promotion activities. The goal is to contribute to the structural and sustainable economic growth in these countries and, together with the private sector, obtain healthy returns. FMO builds bridges between entrepreneurs and capital, locally as well as across frontiers, for sustainable development and healthy returns.


Website : www.africinvest.com

AFRICINVEST was jointly initiated by the Dutch Development Finance Company (FMO) and Tuninvest Finance Group, as a generalist venture capital/private equity fund operating in the Maghreb region and Sub-Saharan Africa. The shareholders of AfricInvest are FMO (Dutch Development Finance Company), BIO (Belgian Development Fund), EIB (European Investment Bank), FINNFUND,BOA/AFH, PROPARCO, IBTC Chartered Bank and Oikocredit. The Africinvest Fund is managed by AfricInvest Capital Partners, a Mauritius domiciled company.


Website : www.finnfund.fi

FINNFUND (Finnish Fund for Industrial Cooperation Ltd) is a Finnish development finance company that provides long-term risk capital for profitable projects in developing countries and transitions economies outside the EU. Finnfund was founded in 1980 and the shareholders are the State of Finland 91.5 %, Finnvero 8.4 % and the Confederation of Finnish Industries EK 0,1 %. FinnFund solely contributes with minority stakes, funding can be in the form of equity capital, mezzanine financing or long-term investment loans.


Website : www.tunisieleasing.com.tn

TUNISIE LEASING is a publicly listed leasing company, founded in 1984. It is the Tunisian market leader in the sector with a market share of 25%. Tunisie Leasing is part of a group whose main products are leasing, factoring and long term rentals. They have a network of 6 agencies situated in Tunis, Nabeul, Sousse, Sfax, Gafsa and Gabès. Within the framework of its growth strategy, a branch was opened in Algeria in 2006, under the name of Maghreb Leasing Algeria.

BOA Group

BOA Group (Formerly AFH) is a Luxemburg registered Holding Company established in 1988 as the main shareholder of Bank of Africa (BOA) with the aim of providing the necessary support to BOA in regard to management and development. In December 2009 BMCE Bank (BanqueMarocaine du Commerce Extérieur) became the majority shareholder of BOA Group. Today the group is present in 14 countries: Senegal, Mali, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Niger, Benin, Kenya, Madagascar, Burundi,Tanzania, DRC, Ghana, Djibouti and Uganda.


Website: www.cfaogroup.com

CFAOGROUP is the leader in specialized distribution in Africa. The Company is active in 34 countries, the French Overseas Departments and Territories (DOM-TOM) and Vietnam, Denmark and India. In 2012 the group was acquired by Toyota Tsusho Corporation.
They have 4 major areas of expertise:
  • Vehicle distribution (CFAO Automotive)
  • Pharmaceutical distribution (Eurapharma)
  • New Information and Communication Technologies (CFAO Technologies)
  • Production and distribution of consumer products (CFAO Industries & Trading).


Website: www.optorg.fr

OPTORG Group has been operating for 70 years in the distribution of goods and services in Africa. It operates through 2 subsidiaries, each with it’s own areas of expertise:
  • Tractafric Equipment Corporation: Industry, mining, oil& gas and Forestry.
  • Tractafric Motors Corporation: Commercial vehicles e.g (trucks) and passenger vehicles.
Today, the Group is present in 21 African countries including Belgium and China with it’s Head offices in Dubai and France


Website: www.grassavoye.com

GRAS SAVOYE is a French Group offering insurance brokerage, reinsurance and risk management. The group has an extensive international network, with about thirty offices in Metropolitan France and a presence overseas through 5 offices and subsidiaries. They are established in about 30 countries in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the Far East.