A turnkey product to outsource your fleet management and secure the mobility of your team

By outsourcing your fleet management, you will better focus on your core business activities and increase overall efficiency.
The Operating Lease solution of Alios Finance is a turnkey product that eases your fleet management and secure the mobility of your team.
Choose freely your vehicles and Alios Finance will purchase them for you and lease them to you.

A tailor-made solution
  • You choose the vehicle or a car range that best fits with your needs and budget: brand, model, options, etc...
  • You define your specific needs such as estimated mileage, renewal frequency, etc.
  • You benefit from preferred conditions from Alios vendor partners.

A management mode that allows you to optimize and budget with precision the cost of your fleet

With the Operating Lease solution of Alios Finance, you will pay a fixed monthly rent that includes all the services that you have selected (maintenance, insurance…). Rent considers both mileage and rental period.

Outsourcing your fleet management allows you to:
  • Avoid using your own funds;
  • Preserve your working capital and maintain adequate operating cash level to respond to business opportunities more easily;
  • Reduce unnecessary costs since you only pay for the actual use of the vehicles;
  • Benefit from a modern and well-maintained vehicle fleet;
  • Insure optimal safety to your employees;
  • Be relieved from fleet resale management.